Shipping information

Freight cost:

Within Germany:
Free shipping
Delivery: 1-4 Days

Within Europe (EU)
Free shipping (except islands or remote areas)
Delivery: 2-8 Days

Outside the EU but within Europe:
up to 600 Euro value of goods, 19,95 Euro freight
above 600 Euro value of goods Free shipping (except islands or remote areas)
Delivery: 2-8 Days

USA + Canada + ireland
Up to 290,-- Euro value of goods 30,00 Euro
290,-- up to 1.000,-- Euro value of goods 200,-- Euro
From 1.000,-- Euro value of goods 30,00 Euro
Delivery: 3-8 Days

Delivery to Russia, Asia, Turkey, Africaand Overseas, no Islands or remote areas:
200,-- Euro per order
Delivery: 3-15 Days


Goods are shipped by parcel service.

Only for oversize goods like Surfboards.
The Forwarder will call you once the goods have arrived in your city to make a delivery appointment.

We do not offer pick up option. (Do not ask for exceptions!)

Important action when receiving a shipment:
1. please check number of cartons/pieces handed over by the forwarder and compare the amount with the amount shown in the shipping documents.
2. Check the condition of the carton, Look for damages. Damages must be claimed immediatly at the person/forwarder who is handing over the shipment to you. Any later claims will not be accepted by the forwarder or transport insurance.
In case this will not be possible, please refuse to take the shipment and let the forwarder send it back to us.
ATTENTION: Transport damages must not be visable outside on the carton. A hidden damage might appear during transport.
3. Check your mail account for shipping information from our peket service providers. It may happen that the parcel service does not arrive at a parcel and sends you a request or information to an alternative delivery location.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.