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For bodyboarding you need the following accessories:

1. The leash: This essential accessory is a leash that connects the bodyboard to the bodybuilder's wrist or upper arm. They ensure that the surfer does not lose the board in case of a fall. Ideally, the Velcro fastener is padded with neoprene to prevent blood leakage and to increase the wearing comfort.

2. Fins: These are a much shorter version of the diving fins, which are equipped with torsion stiffeners to increase the efficiency of the leg beating. They are needed to be able to move faster and get enough ride while paddling the wave. To protect against rubbing through the hard plastic you can wear neoprene or Lycra socks. This offer the Bodyboarder protection against cold. Since the fins are easily detached from the foot, especially in heavy surf, you can also protect them with a special leash.

3. Wetsuit and lycra: They serve as protection against the cold in the water and as protection against sunburn. Bodyboarding with your upper body free can cause abrasions and bruises without the aforementioned clothing.

4. Wax: Contrary to popular belief, hard wax is not used for bodyboarding on the underside of the bodyboard, but on the top: this is intended to increase skid resistance. Normally, only the support surface of the abdomen and forearms are waxed on the board. The wax is usually offered in 3 different varieties - each for use in cold / normal / warm waters.

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