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4.92 / 5,00
8 Bewertungen

In skimboarding, you get up to speed with a good take off. You run up to an obstacle with the board in both hands, or in flatland skimboarding, drop the board flat in front of you so that it glides through the water in front of you, and then jump onto the board flat from behind. The resulting aquaplaning effect causes you to glide over the flat water and gives you a variety of trick options: Jumps out of the water, rotations of the board under the body so called -Pop Shuvits- or rotations of the board around the longitudinal axis -Kickflip- called. Riding obstacles like rails, kickers, sliders etc. as known from wakeboard parks makes the sport spectacular especially for spectators. Many of the eponymous tricks were copied from skating and snowboarding.

This sport offers pure fun, right on the shore, without much preparation or effort! Skimboarding is distinguished between waveskimboarding, which is similar to surfing, and flatlandskimboarding, which has many influences from skateboarding. For a long time skimboarding was considered a pastime for surfers on days with less than optimal conditions. So on days with bad waves, people resorted to skimboarding to make the waiting time more pleasant. However, this is over and skimboarding has grown into a trend sport of its own, which is strongly on the rise in recent years and is experiencing a real boom. Translated with (free version)

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