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13 Bewertungen

The potential of surfboard fins is unfortunately often underestimated by many surfers. Yet fins are extremely important for the behavior of the board, because with the right fin set-up surfers can achieve incredible advantages. The choice of fin ultimately determines how well the surf board accelerates, how it behaves when planing, what final speed it reaches and how well it can be steered. Basically, surfboards have one, two or three fins, depending on the fin system. However, there are also fin systems, such as the Quad, which consists of four fins and the Penta, which even consists of five fins. The subject of surfboard fins is an extremely complex one, but it is extremely important for surfers, especially in the professional sector. Which fin set-up is best suited for the respective surfboard and the respective surfer, on which conditions you should pay attention when buying surfboard fins, the various characteristics of surfboard fins, from the material to the angle and everything else you should know about surfboard fins, you can read here. In our surf fin store we offer a wide range of high quality fins and accessories for your surfboard. We only offer surf products from established surf brands, like Channel Islands, Torq, Roam, Madness, Venon. When buying surf fins, it is very important that you know the basics: Sizing. Most of the time, the sizes of surfboard fins are given in XS, S, M, L and XL. However, many manufacturers also have their own size specifications. If you want to buy surf fins, you should use this classification as a guide. XS: -55kg S: 55-70kg M: 65-80kg L: 75-90kg XL: +85kg Base - The length of the widest point Base is the length of the respective surfboard fin at its widest point. For fins this is always the base. Here you can remember: The bigger the base, the better the speed build-up (drive). Area - Fin surface It is important to know that the larger the fin surface, the more grip it gives the board. At the same time, however, it also loses maneuverability. Surfers should therefore know exactly in which conditions which fin should be used. Tip - Fin tip The so-called tip is the end of the fin. The narrower the fin tip, the less grip it provides. Foil - Fin profile In our surf fin store you will definitely come across the term foil. This is the profile of the surf fin. For example, there are fins that are completely symmetrical. But there are also fins that are convex on the outside and flat (flat foil) or concave (inside foil) on the inside. Flex - hardness and softness The so-called flex influences the ride of the surfboard. When buying surfboard fins, you should know that the harder the surfboard fin is, the tighter turns you can make, but the grip and drive in the turns is reduced. Softer fins allow for better drive and they also allow for better speed control. Rake - Angle Position Rake is the angle (backward inclination) of the fin to the base of the fin box or to the bottom of the surfboard. A strong rake (strongly inclined backwards) provides a better response during turns and a smaller rake (less inclined backwards) gives the surfboard a better drive. Material and fin systems Surfboard fins are generally made of injected and 3D molded plastics, such as polycarbonate and Lexan. However, there are also fins made of fiberglass (GRP) or carbon, which are mainly interesting for surfers in the professional sector. These types of fins are usually lighter in weight and contribute significantly to the performance of the surfboard through an individual construction of the material. So that the fins can be mounted on the surfboard without much effort, there are so-called fin systems. In our surf fin store we mainly offer the classic fin systems from FCS, Futures, and US Base.

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